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Nollywood Movies Watch Online, before we know about Nollywood Movies, its better we just take some history of Nollywood Film industry.

What actually Nollywood is?

Nollywood is the name credited to Nigeria’s movie industry. By definition it is Nigeria’s film industry by Nigerian creation bunches for the Nigerian people. Nollywood has during the time transformed into a world wonder, as its films are being sold in Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa similarly as Jamaica, USA and the UK to give a few precedents.

By and by the name itself had caused fairly a test in the earlier days, as a huge amount of Nigerians felt it was imported and got from Hollywood and Bollywood. (Less a horrendous achievement but rather more these are the two overpowering burdens in the film business all around) There was moreover that little issue of the name being wrote by an outcast, some couldn’t have cared less for it, anyway strangely, Nollywood as a name has moved far past these past hiccups, no one truly thinks about the wellspring of the name today. It has ended up being recognized that Nollywood applies to the Nigerian Movie Industry.

Nollywood Films Online

Today Nollywood positions third in the overall film industry after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India). It has had the alternative to persevere regardless of such tremendous quantities of obstructions, which to give a few models join, exorbitant specific instruments of the trade, clashing supply of intensity (which is thought little of in essentially every other country on the planet), the stunning clogged street conditions which can provoke remarkable defer in progress events (yet the “show must go on!”). Regardless, to the extent amounts of films made anually, Nigeria’s Nollywood positions second after India’s Bollywood. You can find Filmabox terms and conditions here.

Nollywood movies are made on shoestring spending plans going from $10,000 to $15,000 a piece crossing 7 to 10 days. This is a phenomenally short jam squeezed creation time by all measures.

What makes the business so unique is that it is a video driven industry, the movies in the great ‘ol days were made and put straight on VHS tapes and after that released/passed on accessible to be obtained to individuals by and large. Directly with the new inventive progress set up they are generally on VCD’s, the Nigerian imply the films as “home video”.

What is Nollywood Movies Watch Online?

Nollywood Movies is an online enrollment film TV space, prior convey in the United Kingdom on Sky station 327. Consistently the station offers in excess of 30 assorted new and starting late released Nigerian films, 24 hours out of each day. It is the principle such direct in errand in the UK. Motion pictures offered are mainly in English, with some subtitled, in classes including performance, parody, assessment, family, spine chiller, traditional,[clarification needed] dream and authentic story films. The channel is sponsored through enrollment and publicizing.

Nollywood Movies impelled on TalkTalk TV YouView in 2013, on station 477. The channel was a bit of the African TV Boost. It moved to 557 on 2 June 2015, anyway was ousted on 30 November 2015. Nollywood Movies was removed from the Virgin Media arrange on 22 February 2018, and satellite transmissions completed on May 1, 2018.

Top Nollywood Films Watch Online


Nollywood Movies Watch Online


2) 76

Nollywood Online


3) Hell or High Water

Nollywood Films Online


4) The Wedding Party by Kemi Adetiba

Nollywood Films Watch Online


5) Okafor’s Law

Nollywood Movies 2018

List of most Nollywood Movies Watch Online

Rank Title Year Domestic Gross (₦) Studio(s) Director(s)
1 The Wedding Party 2 2017 502,000,000 Ebonylife Films / FilmOne / Inkblot Production / Koga Studios Niyi Akinmolayan
2 The Wedding Party 2016 453,050,000 Ebonylife Films / FilmOne / Inkblot Production / Koga Studios Kemi Adetiba
3 Chief Daddy 2018 387,028,949 EbonyLife Films Niyi Akinmolayan
4 King of Boys 2018 231,719,753 Kemi Adetiba Visuals Kemi Adetiba
5 Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons 2018 230,000,000 Corporate World Entertainment / Gush Media Toka Mcbaror[7][8]
6 A Trip to Jamaica 2016 178,500,000 Corporate World Pictures Robert Peters
7 10 Days in Sun City 2017 177,000,000 Corporate World Entertainment Adze Ugha
8 30 Days in Atlanta 2014 137,200,000 Corporate World Pictures Robert Peters
9 Fifty 2015 94,030,500 EbonyLife Films Biyi Bandele
10 Up North 2018 93,660,342 Anakle Films / Inkblot Production Tope Oshin Ogun
11 Okafor’s Law 2016 90,000,000 Dioni Visions Omoni Oboli
12 The Ghost and the Tout 2018 80,000,000 Charles Uwagbai
13 ’76 2016 72,400,000 Adonis Productions / Princewill’s Trust Izu Ojukwu
14 Wives on Strike 2016 71,300,000 Dioni Visions Omoni Oboli
15 Alakada Reloaded 2017 70,000,000 Toyin Abraham
16 Moms at War 2018 65,000,000 Dioni Visions Omoni Oboli
17 Half of a Yellow Sun 2013 60,000,000 Shareman Media / Slate Films Biyi Bandele
October 1 2014 60,000,000 Golden Effects Kunle Afolayan
The CEO 2016 60,000,000 Golden Effects Kunle Afolayan
Banana Island Ghost 2017 60,000,000 Biola Alabi Media / Nemsia Productions BB Sasore
21 Ijé 2010 59,800,000 Xandria Productions Chineze Anyaene
22 The Royal Hibiscus Hotel 2018 59,000,000 Ebonylife Films Ishaya Bako
23 Last Flight to Abuja 2012 57,050,000 The Nollywood Factory Obi Emelonye
24 Isoken 2017 55,000,000 Tribe 85 Jadesola Osiberu
25 It’s Her Day 2016 55,021,150 Kountry Kulture Network Aniedi Anwah
26 93 Days 2016 50,505,000 Native FilmWorks / Michel Angelo Production / Bolanle Austen-Peters Production Steve Gukas
27 Omugwo 2017 48,000,000 Golden Effects / Africa Magic Kunle Afolayan
28 Hire A Man 2017 45,000,000 ChinneyLove Eze Productions Desmond Elliot
29 Lagos Real Fake Life 2018 44,194,075 Swift Angel Production Mike Ezuruonye
30 The Vendor 2018 44,000,000 Odunlade Adekola
31 American Driver 2017 41,000,000 Sneeze Films / Golden Icons Media / Get Known Productions Moses Inwang
New Money 2018 41,000,000 Inkblot Productions Tope Oshin Ogun
33 God Calling 2018 36,822,319 Hearts in Motion Studios BB Sasore
34 The Return of Jenifa 2012 35,000,000 Olasco Films Muhydeen S. Ayinde
35 Seven and a Half Dates 2018 33,000,000 Biodun Stephen
36 Ghana Must Go 2016 32,000,000 DesAmour Frank Rajah Arase
37 Lara and the Beat 2018 31,000,000 Biola Alabi Media Tosin Coker
38 Road to Yesterday 2015 30,000,700 The Entertainment Network Ishaya Bako
39 The Figurine 2009 30,000,000 Golden Effects Kunle Afolayan
40 Flower Girl 2013 29,763,800 Blu Star Entertainment Michelle Bello
41 Weekend Getaway 2012 22,895,200 Royal Arts Academy Desmond Elliot
42 Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo 2015 22,630,000 FilmOne / House 5 / Orbit Imagery Daniel Oriahi
43 Lionheart 2018 21,319,102 The Entertainment Network (T.E.N) Genevieve Nnaji
44 Phone Swap 2012 20,713,500, Golden Effects Kunle Afolayan
45 The First Lady 2015 19,000,000 Dioni Visions Omoni Oboli
46 The Call 2019 18,174,705 James Abinibi[47]
47 Anchor Baby 2010 18,000,000 Alpha Galore Films Lonzo Nzekwe
The Mirror Boy 2011 18,000,000 The Nollywood Factory / OH Films Obi Emelonye
49 House of Gold 2013 15,454,400 Media GH / YN Productions / Pascal Amanfo Expression Pascal Amanfo
50 Tempting Fate 2015 15,000,000 KevStel Group Productions Kevin Nwankwor
51 The Visit 2015 14,000,000 Koga Studios Funke Fayoyin
52 Dazzling Mirage 2015 13,000,000 Mainframe Studios Tunde Kelani
53 Maami 2011 11,928,600 Mainframe Studios Tunde Kelani
54 Contract 2012 11,447,600 Sparrow Productions Shirley Frimpong-Manso
55 Light In The Dark 2019 11,180,805 Bukana Motion Pictures Ekene Som Mekwunye
56 In The Cupboard 2012 10,501,300 Denziot Studios Desmond Elliot
57 Through the Glass 2008 10,000,000 Next Page Productions Stephanie Okereke
58 Nimbe 2019 10,000,000 Folarin laosun and seun Dania Film Tope Alake
55 Married but Living Single 2010 9,900,000 Indelible Mark Media Tunde Olaoye
60 Iyore 2014 9,500,000 Raj and Heroes Films Frank Rajah Arase
61 Levi 2019 9,328,000 The Oracle Films Okechukwu Oku[57]
62 Out of Luck 2015 9,000,000 FilmOne Distribution Niyi Akinmolayan
63 Gone Too Far! 2015 8,500,000 Poisson Rouge Pictures Destiny Ekaragha
64 Knockout Blessing 2018 7,990,770 House Gabriel Studios Dare Olaitan
65 Let Karma 2019 7,984,050 Tisha Productions Biodun Stephen
66 Power of 1 2018 7,091,927 Izu Ojukwu
67 Mr. and Mrs. 2012 6,050,000 Chinwe Egwuagu Productions Ikechukwu Onyeka
68 Irapada 2006 5,000,000 Golden Effects Kunle Afolayan


History of Nollywood Movies.

Nigeria’s film industry (which started as Home video feature) a.k.a Nollywood has been routinely recognized to have started – rapidly following the achievement of Kenneth Nnebue’s “Living in Bondage”.

Starting there on its advancement and escort challenges are remarkable by intrigued gathering of observers. In any case, various events going before 1992 were not standard in spite of the way that a couple have endeavored to pursue the chronicled background of Nollywood. Here is a packed discharge (yet richly lighting up) from one of a couple of articles conveyed concerning this subject issue.

Film show began to prosper for the term of the Colonial time frame, with Glover Memorial Hall playing host to an assortment of uncommon motion pictures seen by “potential Nigerians”, in August 1903. In any case, the non-availability of authentic data reflecting the title of the presentation film showed has made a go in the perspective stock. Regardless of the lacuna, the way have been cleared for that show of additional remote motion pictures at the Hall at undefined time as other relegated settings.

The genuinely harming “Pro – Servant” relationship, clear in the consistent strikes, batteries, threatening, disengagement, misuse, did while using Colonial specialists on the colonized, with darkened surges of despise, revenge, long for circumstance, offering option in contrast to splattering drops of such examinations, instinctively foreseen along these lines of the colonized spasmodic in-subordinate exercises, began to pass on one of various blacks.

The British recognized they expected to string with ready when they even now needed to take an interest in “god” inside their lives when motion pictures just like Tales of Manhattan, Trailer horn, Tarzan course of action began to stir up an agitation in the hearts of Blacks far and wide.

Nollywood Movies Watch Online and free Download

Aware of the lethal nonessential of insubordination which could be discharged hence of the movie medium, the British out of awfulness for his or her lives and achievable the loss of the Queen’s influence took the bull while using horn, and rapidly made a Colonial movie Censors Board (FCB) in 1933 to control and gathering films just before they were released for visual use while using open. Following the establishment of the board, Films basically like “The unrefined, rough man, Dixie, Buffalo Bill, The Keys of the Kingdom, Sleepy town Girl were named ‘sensible’ to be seen , while Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Clive of India, The Isle of Forgotten Sins, home of Frankenstein were considered as unacceptable for study . Nollywood Movies Watch Online filmabox.com

The Censor’s aggregate encountered a change technique into the Federal Board of film Censors (FBFC) from your recently referenced, along while using laws from which the changed whole got its powers stretched out from your 1948 Cinematographic Laws of Nigeria, the Cinematography Laws of 1963, towards 1963/64 Cinematographic rule and Regulations. The present National film and Video Censors Board showed up by greatness of assertion, by and by Act 85 of 1993. The presence of Nigeria’s Independence (1960) along while using Republican status (1963), declared the start of some other time in all parts.

“The Yoruba Traveling Theater Group” of the 70′s can be shown to given that the “Wellspring Head” of film arrangements in Nigeria. The veterans with splendid Theatrical capacities and mind boggling presentations took their works outside of the stage, and pigeon into the sea of movie manifestations utilizing the Celluloid design. Surprising film makers on the Roll phone of Honor for the term of the Celluloid shoot time of the 70′s join Ola Balogun, Eddie Ugbomah, late Herbert Ogunde, Adeyemi Afolayan a.k.a Ade love (father of Kunle Afolayan of the Irapada ubiquity), Ladi Ladebo, Moses Adejumo, Adebayo Salami and Afolabi Adesanya.

Nollywood Movies Watch Online High Quality Videos

The once-over of announced films made for the term of the 70′s time and transcending decently into the 80′s is essentially baffling and heads out to display that the Movie Industry has been near any more, inverse towards ‘1992 perception issue’ most are presently implanted with.

Such works consolidate Kongi Harvest (1971), Alpha (1972), Bull Frog in the sunshine (1974), Amadi (1975), Ajani Ogun (1975), Muzik Man (1976), Bisi, Daughter of the River (1977), Ija Ominira (1978), Aiye (1979), Kadara (1980), Jaiyesimi (1980) Efunsetan Aniwura (1981), Cry opportunity (1981),Ija Orogun (1982) Owo L’Agba (1982

The cost of making films in that period was fiscally incredibly troublesome, with Nigerians extensively additionally irritating the undertakings of the motion picture makers by picking to dispense motion pictures of occidental and oriental source at the Cinemas and Exhibition centers, rather versus the secretly made ones. The Cowboy motion pictures were empowering to allocate while the Chinese films walked among others, the Legendary “Bruce Lee” in (Lo Wei’s, The colossal pervasive (1971), Fist of Fury (1972), strategies for the Dragon (1972), key in the Dragon (1973), The PC round of passing unendingly released in 1978) who indicated engaging methodology smoothness, clearly a fighting technique outcast, yet enrapturing to us around at that point.


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